Literature and Composition 9
G Period 2010-2011
Room 627 Ms. K

Discussion Board

The discussion above invites collaboration and conversation between students, teachers, parents, case-managers, and aides. It is a tool that should also help all to get on the same page so that maximum learning becomes possible.


Use the pages on the left to view assignments, strategies, skills, and tools that can help you to better understand material. It is here that you can work with one and other to discuss your questions, confusion, and more.

Quarter 1:

Basic Training:

Individualized Accessabiity

The "K" factor:

-Reading, Writing, Speaking through Shared Journals

1. Dry-reading/free-writing
2. Re-reading/self-review
3. Pre-reading/brainstorming
4. Building context/outlining
5. Developing purpose/paragraphing


Of Mice and Men By: John Steinbeck

Quarter 2:

Short Stories:

Button, Button by Richard Mathaison
The Cask of Amontilliado by: Edgar Allen Poe
The Most Dangerous Game by:
Tripping over the Lunchlady by: Angela Johnson
Science Friction by: David Lubar
Thank you, Ma'am by: Langston Hughes

Strategies & Skills
Thick and Thin questions to prepare for a test
Chunking/Marking (annotation)
Topic:Theme as Stated:Implied


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